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Personal Air Samplers built for your compliance to OSHA specifications.

Advanced Technology

Compact, low vibration Rotary Vane Pumps with superior performance.

Personal Air Samplers & Vacuum Pumps

Airlam, Inc. designs and manufactures the most advanced, compact, and reliable personal air samplers and vacuum pumps available on the market today.

Our devices offer ease-of-operation and precision manufacturing based on a combined 15 years of engineering experience in the field.

Quality and Dependability You Can Trust

Built from the Ground Up

Airlam products are engineered and manufactured from the ground up. 100% of our products are designed and assembled in the USA, with 75% of all parts sourced in the USA.

The intelligence and care built into each product results in superior performance, features, and dependability.

Industries Served

Air Samplers

Asphalt Products Manufacturing
Concrete Products
Cut Stone & Stone Products
Dental Laboratories
Glass Manufacturing
Hydraulic Fracturing for Gas & Oil
Jewelry Production
Mining Operations
Paintings & Coatings
Pottery Products
Refractory Products
Structural Clay Products

Vacuum Pumps

Food & Beverage
Gas Monitoring
Health & Safety Technology
Medical Devices
Paper & Printing

Personal Air Samplers

Small in size, simple to use and easy to operate, the Airlam Air Sampler 1000 Series is ideal for personal sampling applications.

Only weighing 0.55 lbs. this device provides a flow range between 1000 – 3000 ml/min.

The 1000 Series allows for constant flow correction even with changes in ambient temperature and barometric pressure through Airlam’s ultra-quiet rotary vane vacuum pump technology.

The easy-to-read LED display provides accumulated sampling volume and offers a battery conservation mode after 30 seconds of idle use, allowing for over 8+ hours of continuous sampling.

The power switch allows for intuitive operation including Continuous Sampling, Volume Reset and Battery Conservation Mode, with the push of a button.


Vacuum Pumps

Airlam Brush and Brushless Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps produce either vacuum or pressure by compressing or expanding a volume of gas within a cylindrical steel housing.

Within the housing is a compressed graphite rotor with two slots that contain compressed graphite vanes. The rotor is mounted to the shaft of the motor and is positioned off-axis to the center of the steel housing. As the motor shaft rotates, the vanes are pulled outward by centrifugal force.

The vanes then make contact and slide against the inner surface of the steel housing, forming two internal and enclosed volumetric areas, which increase or decrease as the rotor turns, with a vacuum being created on the increasing side and pressure on the decreasing side.
There are two ports positioned at the points of minimum volume with the increasing side being the vacuum port and decreasing side the pressure port.


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